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Comparing diets
We used the Australian Health Survey 2011-13 and the recommendations of the Australian Dietary Guidelines to model current and healthy diets for a family of two adults and two children (plus for other common household makeups) per fortnight.

We collected food prices in supermarkets and stores in randomly selected high- and low-socioeconomic areas in Brisbane, and compared the diet prices with household incomes.

In both areas, a family of two adults and two children spend about 18% more on current diets than would be required to purchase healthy (recommended) diets. Where Is The Buy Fat Burners. About 58% of the food budget for the current diet is spent on “junk”, including take-away foods (14%), alcohol (12%) and sugary drinks (4%).

In the low-socioeconomic area, a family of two adults and two children spend A$640.20 per fortnight on their current diet, but could buy a healthy diet for A$560.93 per fortnight. In the high-socioeconomic area, these figures were A$661.92 and A$580.01 respectively.

Supermarket retail food prices were on average 3% higher in the high-socioeconomic location. 2022’s Best Female Supplements For Fat Loss. Take-away foods were also relatively more expensive, but alcoholic drinks and sugar-sweetened beverages were priced similarly in both areas.

The bad news is that a healthy diet costs 20-31% of the disposable income of low-income households. An acceptable benchmark of affordability is around 30%. What Fat Loss Supplements For Females. So these results confirm that healthy diets can be unaffordable for the most vulnerable in our society.

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